Fly Feather Vegetable & Dryfruit Slicer and cutter with Stainless Steel Sharp Blade

Fly Feather Vegetable & Dryfruit Slicer and cutter with Stainless Steel Sharp Blade

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Dryfruit & Veg Slicer

Nowadays it very hard to cut vegetables and fruit by hand. So we are here to help you with another smart solution for your kitchen. The vegetable & Fruit cutter is a smart solution for all your cutting problems. It has inbuilt 5 different blades with different shapes for different cutting styles.

If you would like to chop the vegetables for your meal, you'll cut it quickly but it is possible that due to a hurry blade will injure you. Another example is to prepare meals for about 1000 people, then you would possibly be spending much time in cutting and chopping the vegetables. At that time we need something that is handy and portable to take anywhere and help us to reduce the time of cutting. Buying a vegetable cutting machine is might be needed for businesses like restaurants, pizza shops, or central kitchens Due to the heavy usage of cutting vegetables.

Vegetables are the prime eatables that are consumed by people in their daily life. So on enhancing the eating quality or for further food processing activities, whole vegetables are reduced from their original size. Food processing industries are involved in processing the perishable vegetables, preserve them by using various methods like blanching, dehydrating, canning, freezing, fermenting, pickling, and irradiating. So on preserving the vegetables, they're reduced to smaller pieces. Vegetable cutter machines are the multi-functional machines ideal for cutting most kinds of fruits and vegetables into various forms like slices, blocks, shreds shapes.


Vegetable cutting machines provides various advantages as follows:

  • Time Saver
  • Cost Saver
  • Fast in cutting
  • Capable of cutting different types of vegetables & fruits
  • Safe cutting
  • Hygienic cutting


Steps :

1- Open container

2- Add blade according to the style of cut you want

3- Put fruit or vegetable that you want to cut

4- Gently close the upper part of the cutter

5- Your cutting is ready  

6- If it is stuck in the upper part of the cutter then  

7- Lightly press the Push button on the top.

8- It will throw out stuck veggies or fruits.


Features :

Timesaver :

In case of cutting the vegetables for a central kitchen, it requires up to five persons approximately on a day today. For manual cutting operation for about 1000 to 3000 Kgs, it takes around 5 to six hours per day. In manual methods, it's difficult to satisfy the majority cutting requirement briefly time. For that, we bring a smart solution for you the vegetable and fruit cutter. One person for feeding the vegetable can finish the cutting task around 2 to three hours depending upon the output capacity of the person. Thus it saves time spent on vegetable cutting.


Cost saver :

For the above case, when it involves performing the cutting activities on a daily basis, cutting manually requires about 5 manpower or quite that. Labor cost or salary for five persons is going to be a further expense. Labors have the matter of salary wages after a period of your time and there's an opportunity they'll discontinue the work and it'll cause hampering your production. In the salary of these laborers, you can buy many cutters. The Cutter can work well for an extended time, and with-out maintenance and expenses, the machine can deliver a continued vegetable cutting performance.


Fast in cutting :

Vegetable cutting machines are designed to chop and shred various sorts of vegetables in various forms like stems, leafy vegetables, root, tuber vegetables, and other food items. Typically a vegetable cutting machine with 2 hp can produce quite 1000 Kgs or output per hour. This rate of output is extremely high for the quantity of effort, time, and power utilized for this activity. Vegetable cutter machines also are efficient machines that permit you to cut various vegetables, fruits, and ingredients quickly with high accuracy.


Capable of cutting different types of vegetables & fruits:      

Vegetable cutting machines are designed to be versatile to chop and process various sorts of vegetables in various sizes and forms. The vegetable cutter comes with different cutting blades. With changing in multiple cutting styles, the vegetable cutter can cut vegetables in precise and uniform thickness. By changing various sorts of cutting discs, vegetables are often cut during a sort of forms like evenly sized cubes, threads, slices, strips of various roots, leafy and stem vegetables. This cutter is not only limited to cutting vegetables like potato, cabbage, carrot, onion it can cutting fruits also.

Stay connected with shopping with deals and gets moreover this kind of product and as you know we are offering a featured collection of products that make your kitchen smart and make your work easy as never before. This is a unique cutter with multiple blades for different shapes so hurry up and make your kitchen smarter and stylish with valuable things.




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