Fly Feather Stainless Steel Menduvada Maker for Perfectly Shaped & Crispy Medu Vada

Fly Feather Stainless Steel Menduvada Maker for Perfectly Shaped & Crispy Medu Vada

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Menduvada Maker

Do you like to eat fry foods and especially a Menduvada? If yes then are reached at the perfect place. We have something new and unique tool which will help you to make a test full and perfect shape menduvada. This tool manufacture stainless steel material. It is very easy to use. Using this tool you’ll get perfect result means perfect shape menduvada.

The Material Of Menduvada Maker:

This menduvada manufacturer with strong and high-quality stainless steel material. This stainless steel material is durable as well as easily you can deal with it. We provide one stick which is joining with the container, and also provide its stand for your kitchen that anywhere you can put it easily.

This tool manufacture a pure stainless steel material that will never corrode or never be affected by any kind of liquids also. This material is very easy to modify you just need to join the knob with the container.

This tool helps to increases your speed while you have lots of works are pending and you have to serve menduvada to all. You can easily wash this maker by using water or any kind of liquids it’ll never affect.


Features Of Menduvada maker

  • Easy and Convenient to use
  • Compact design
  • High strength Menduvada Maker
  • Freezer Safe
  • Easy To Handle
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Make Perfect shape Easily
  • Stainless steel Body
  • Easy to form
  • Wada is going to be in Perfect Shape
  • Just Press knob Over Oil in Kadai directly
  • Special handle for perfect Grip


How To Use:

You can easily make menduvada with perfect shape. Every buddy faces the same problem and which is common, that is the shape of the menduvada, now we solve your problem. Using this machine you can easily create a perfect and proper shape of menduvada. You have to press the knob only and menduvada is automatically shaped at bottom of container.

First of all, you have to pour a container of batter and then you have to press the knob. Before frying a menduvada, if you want to polish the oil at a bottom of the container where menduvada is shaped because sometimes batter has been stick at bottom of a container, and after that, it would not give a proper shape because of this sticky batter.

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