Fly Feather Onion Cutter, Food Cutter & Vegetable Cutter
Fly Feather Onion Cutter, Food Cutter & Vegetable Cutter

Fly Feather Onion Cutter, Food Cutter & Vegetable Cutter at lowest Price in India.

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Chilly N Dry Fruit Cutter

Chilly and Dry fruit cutter is made with stainless steel. Mobley durable material its BPA-Free plastic safer to use for chopping helps to avoid toxins, dust, and germs. The high-grade mirror finish makes the look exquisite. The sharp blades are pure stainless steel with high strength and ductility property. unlike another cutter, This cutter does not contain a square shape blade it has provided a round shape blade which helps to chop-chop the dry fruit or onion finely. This cutter does not require a power supply it operates manually easy to disassemble and assemble. It prevents you from burning sensation and eye irritation keeps your hand clean and safe. The seamless process with low maintenance, longer life, and eco-friendly.

 Features of Cutter:

  • Multi Functionality
  • No Time Consuming
  • Effective Output
  • Easily Washable
  • Chopping Every Small Thing
  • Round Shape


The Material Of Cutter:

This is a stainless steel cutter with strong and durable material is used which plastic have a BPA-free that help to avoid germs, virus, and also anti-dust material. This material is made with pure stainless steel material which is easily washable as well as it’ll never corrode while touching the water.
This stainless steel material is never affected by any type of liquid with high-durability. This round shape design is attractive with an outer look that has a mirror effect which increases its impression.
This cutter blade was made with high-quality stainless steel material and also it never corroded while touching water or any other liquids. This blade has a sharp blade that helps you to chop any kind of things easily without taking more time. These cutter blades are set in a round shape that can be easily chopping everything than another square shape choppers. This square shape chopper is not working perfectly and very hard to chop onion but this cutter can easily chop your onion.

Additional Information of Cutter:

Uninterrupted, chilly, and Dry fruit cutter chop the dry fruit in a flawless way. It's an appropriate tool to reduce your workload to make the ticklish task easy with no mess.
 Reusable Forever cleans straight away using lukewarm water and mild detergent make ready for next usage. keep your kitchen organized No longer cutting your finger or grapple with blunt knives. The speed with accuracy is the fascinating feature of this cutter it chops the dry fruit or chilly finely for a  variety of Indian cakes or sweets.
 A glide on Chilly and dry fruit cutter, great for sweets eater make dry fruit cutting fun and easy. Even a gift to those who you know in need.

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High quality of material
gives best output
No Time consuming
reduce time
easy to operate.

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