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Fly Feather Sanitizer Machine 100% Safe & Secure Hand Held Sprayer Sanitizer Machine

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Sanitizer Machine - Electric - Convenient -Easy to use

Sanitizer, now we are all familiar with this healthy hygienic word. In a short span of time, we all become habituated to use sanitizer in our daily routine life. as we have seen now it is become necessary to use, for our hygiene and safety. What are the actual benefits of Sanitizer? We have options like soap and water instead of that. But why to use sanitizer only. The reason is using soap and waterworks remove all types of germs from our hand while sanitizer acts by killing certain germs on the skin, in daily use we all use alcohol-based sanitizers which quickly reduce the number of germs in many situations. And another proven fact behind using sanitizer is that it will reduce your chance of getting sick and avoid spreading germs to others. Even we all don’t know that sanitizers were developed in an era when soap and other liquids were not available. It is a type of gel that contains alcohol to kill germs present on the skin. The alcohol works immediately and effectively to kill bacteria and most of the viruses. Alcohol is a type of liquid that can be drying our skin. So most of the sanitizer companies using moisturizer to minimize the skin dryness and irritation.


Sanitizer Machine - Electric - Convenient -Easy to use



We all are using sanitizer for our safety, but what about an environment, we also need to take care of our surroundings and our work area, our home our place, or whatever it may be. As in this corona pandemic situation we all know there’s a high chance of getting infected from our surroundings and our nearby areas, we are maintain social distancing, we are using sanitizers, we are wearing masks, and what not we all are taking care of ourself in top possible way. But we need to take care of our working place also, our home, our car, our home, our room we can say each and every place which we are using, we have to sanitize everything. The transmission of germs and bacteria is increasing day by day Now question arises that how we secure our place how we sanitize places. No need to worry we will use sanitizer machine for that which is available at affordable prices. We have specially come up with this hygienic idea for our customers. The sanitizer machine will work like a small toy that everybody can use, no complicated mechanism, not higher prices. You can use it by just one click and you can sanitize your place in a couple of minutes. Don’t you think it is so easy to use?


Benefits of using sanitizer machine

  • Sanitizer machines are convenient, portable, easy to use, and not time-consuming.
  • Act quickly to kill microorganisms 
  • Alcoholic spray which is not sticky like hand sanitizer 
  • 70% chance to kill germs and bacteria from the environment
  • Proper hygiene can reduce absenteeism at work by 40%

Sanitizer Machine - Electric - Convenient -Easy to use


It is not a normal random machine of plastic. It is an electric machine, which we need to charge once the charging is over, we need to charge it again, it will take only 1.5hrs to full charge, we can say that it is a one-time investment for you. Sometimes few machines due to overload usage of machines, it will be damaged and we cannot use it again, But this Sanitizer machine is one of the fast and easy solutions for your quick hygiene. Everybody should use this sanitizer machine which is convenient in use, price, speed. The machine is smaller in size, you can hold it by your one hand spread it everywhere you want, it is not like other machines. It is lightweight, durable, easy to use, no complicated process for using this, from kids to elders everybody can use this sanitizer machine to clean their area.   


 Where to use a sanitizer machine?

Every inch of your workplace could be covered in germs. There are many danger zone areas. It should be sanitized every day. 

  • On Every desk 
  • By the doors
  • In the kitchen 
  • Inside and outside the Bathrooms
  • Near By windows
  • In rooms
  • On dining table
  • In the meeting room
  • Near the Elevator


Wherever you feel you can sanitize every place.

Might be we think that we have the cleanest hands in the world, but no we are wrong, germs are crawling everywhere, on our desk, our doors. And especially our doors are the best home place for bacteria and germs because everyone is going through that, everyone is pushing their hands on the door knock. And according to research one germy handle can infect half the office in a couple of hours! so it is very important to sanitize our entrance door daily. You may love your tasty food but the food may be contaminating your kitchen or break room. Your cup, microwave handle, Your coffee maker, and refrigerator door are the most covered with microorganisms so be sure to use sanitizer before and after your meal.

We can’t wash and clean properly our places daily. And nowadays maintaining hygiene in every place is become necessary, in that case, what to do? Use a sanitizer machine which will help you out from that, it will sanitizer your area, it will kill germs and bacteria from the surface and you will get your clean and tidy place. One recommended suggestion is there that you need to sanitize your place at least thrice a day, So it will reduce your chance of getting infected from the virus.

Sanitizer Machine - Electric - Convenient -Easy to use

Now we are aware of the remedies of this sanitizer machine. We don’t want you to get infected from this COVID-19 virus, to save our self from this virus we must need to wear a mask, need to maintain social distancing, we have to avoid social gatherings, we should not go outside the home if it is not necessary, anyhow we need to take care of our self, our family so use sanitizer for your personal use, also we need to sanitize our places to save our life.












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