Fly Feather Hygienic Sprout Maker Box with 2 Container- Home Making Fresh Sprouts maker for Home material Box
Fly Feather Hygienic Sprout Maker Box with 2 Container- Home Making Fresh Sprouts maker for Home material Box

Fly Feather Hygienic Sprout Maker Box with 2 Container- Home Making Fresh Sprouts maker for Home material Box

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Sprouts maker Box

Sprouts are an excellent source of nutrition. Having the simplest sprout maker not only saves your money but also allows you to enjoy fresh sprouts.

This sprout maker box is known as ‘Deep Wish Box Plastic Hygienic Sprout Maker’. Sprout Maker follows the traditional method to grow sprout beans & pulses within the most hygienic way. These sprout maker doesn't require any additional electricity or power to sprout the seeds.

If you are finding the best sprouts maker in India you have to take the following parameters which help you to get a great sprout maker that suitable for your day-to-day usage.


  • Made from top quality virgin plastic.
  • Storing water within the last compartment offers required moisture.
  • Lets you enjoy healthy sprouts for salads, sandwiches, and soups.
  • It keeps seeds steady at one place during the germination process.
  • Easy to wash and use.
  • Keep carries with you anywhere.
  • The tight lid ensures the sprouts are neither spoiled nor spill outside.

Parameters to be Fulfilled

  • Material Quality
  • Durability
  • Easy to use
  • Compartment
  • Design

This all the parameters are full fill in this sprouts maker box. This sprout maker helps you to possess a continuing supply of sprouted food, filled with nutritive value. It prepares sprouts within the most hygienic odorless convenient way and copies nature’s process in a scientific way. The unique lid allows you to water your sprouts without displacing them and its practical design allows the water to flow throughout each tray to maintain the perfect amount of moisture for sprouting.

This sprout maker box is made with plastic material which is BPA- free plastic and also 100% food grade plastic material is used. This plastic material especially uses to make kitchen items like peeler, cutter, and many more items. This sprout box is lightweight as well as durable. It consists of a unique siphon system with air and humidity control for hygienic sprouting systems and making low-calorie salads.

Here we offer a two-compartment sprout box. In one compartment you have to pour simple water and another compartment you can put any seeds and beans whatever you want to sprouts. You can see the changes in seeds or beans after 1 night and 2 or 3 days. You can easily put this sprout box anywhere in your kitchen.

Once you put beans or seeds for the sprout, after that you don’t have to worry about any kind of problems like, if seeds or beans are putting with water and after some hour and time it will not odored as well as you don’t need to check repeatedly that seeds are spoiled or not and its benefit is that it will always odorless. Within 1 or 2 days seeds are ready to eat. You can also add salts and red chilly spices for the great test.

If you are going to the gym, running, cycling, and go to the garden for walking or exercise you can easily carry with you anywhere, where you are going. This sprouts maker box is small in size and has a tow compartment only which will easily store in your beg. After uses you can easily wash this sprout box without any kind of worry, you can wash this box with water or any other liquids.


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