Fly Feather Hand Juicer 2 In 1 Orange, Grapes & Watermelon Hand Press Juicer, multi use of juicer

Fly Feather Hand Juicer 2 In 1 Orange, Grapes & Watermelon Hand Press Juicer, multi use of juicer

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Hand Juicer

Today everything we cook at home from little burger to a big pizza. So why not we make our health increaser juice at home. As always we bring new technology that makes your kitchen easy to maintain. So today we are back with another item that makes kitchen maintenance easy and safe food for you and your family.

There are a lot of people who do not have enough time for manually peeling and slicing vegetables and fruits. This is the reason why they serve as great gadgets for all juicing requirements. This smartly designed manual juicer handily squeezes lemons easily. This juicer helps to solve all problems quickly and smartly. With this juicer, you get a healthy and hygienic juice in a few minutes.

You can easily make juice at any time you want and it is easy to maintain it in the kitchen. It is compact that makes it easy to store and use also. Now no need longer dependent on the shopper for fresh juice. You can make it anytime and it is a quality full also healthful.           



  • It comes with multiple attractive colors that make your kitchen look like commercial kitchens in TV shows. It is easy to operate. You can use it as it is a normal thing in the kitchen.
  • Just follow these simple steps and you can make healthy juice at home.


    You get the multipurpose juicing squeezes lemons, limes, orange, pomegranate, lime fresh, watermelon and grapes fruit. With this hand juicer all season's fruits juicer and screw force pulp extractor safe for your health.

    Another best benefit of a manual juicer is that it gives you the flexibility of enjoying your daily dose of juices almost every day and even when there is no electricity. The hand-operated juicers can also be used regularly while the juicing quality is almost the same.

    This is easy to store and set easily in the kitchen storeroom. You can carry out anywhere for outings or picnics. Also, this juicer is portable, manual, and extremely easy to use and easy to clean into simple water. Nothing can replace daily activity and an overall your great diet, but with the manual healthful juicer, you can finally start feeling amazing.

    When you squeeze the pomegranate fruit allows you to consume an optimal amount of nutrients in an efficient manner. Its mesh container catches pulp and seeds, in a collection jar and 550 ml juice to collect in the base. This juicer is manufactured from good quality food grade plastic material. This juicer provides great safety to your hands. Its unique single-manual juicer design uses an extremely gentle.


    Steps to use:

    1. Open container
    2. And add filtration mesh to it
    3. Now add fruits
    4. Now get pressure part of the juicer
    5. Put it on fruits
    6. Press and squeezes it 
    7. Healthy and fresh juice are ready now you can drink it.


    It creates dozens of fresh juice glasses in minutes. An extended handle of the juicer allows forming the juice easily. First time in India plastic made juicer filter which is extremely easy to wash, use & maintain. An outstanding juicer for fruit and vegetables. Smart fruits and vegetable juicer with an unbreakable body and advanced technology. Used for fruits like orange, lemon, and soft textured fruits like strawberry, pomegranate, kiwi, watermelon, grapes, and tomato. Its unique single-manual juicer design uses a particularly gentle and efficient process to extract more juices from all of your favorite fruits.

    This smartly designed manual juicer handily squeezes lemons, limes, orange, pomegranate, lime fresh, watermelon and grapefruit. Its strainer catches pulp and seeds, in a collection jar. The material of the juicer is impact-resistant ABS plastic that's BPA-free. All parts are detachable forgo thorough washing. Make quick work of juicing your favorite citrus fruits with this citrus squeezer. This juicer manufactured from high-quality plastic materials and separate lipped bowl. Also, this juicer has a removable strainer/grid that separates pits and debris from the juice.

    They do not need electricity to use this juicer. So, they are portable completely. These types of juicers do not produce any noise. Manual juicers are easy and fast to clean up.

    A manual juicer may be a device powered by your own muscle that gives significantly more nutrients than an electrical juicer. Rather than electricity, manual juicers typically require workout to maneuver. Because there's no motor, a manual juicer may be a silent device that you simply can use within the silence of night without awakening your family. Manual juicers are easy to travel with, ensuring that you simply still drink healthy while on vacation. Manual juicers also are significantly cheaper than electric juicers. Lastly, manual juicers are much easier to wash as there are fewer moving parts.

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