Cyma sports bottle CBC-031 750ml- Orange color water bottle

Cyma sports bottle CBC-031 750ml- Orange color water bottle for school, office and gym

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CYMA Sports water Bottle

CYMA is one of the leading brands.

CYMA Stainless Steel is the top product in the market, It is 100% Recyclable, BPA free, Free from Odour and it is 18/8 food grade. CYMA bottles are becoming the top product in the market, even becoming a minor status symbol in some cases. They keep liquids hot or cold, don’t sweat from moisture, and won’t transfer heat or cold to your hand. Bottles made from high-quality steel. It includes features like 100%food grade, BPA free, hot and cold, durable, Ever-lasting, stainless steel construction.

 Here are the  additional reasons to consider one as your next water bottle

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Stainless steel
  • Unisex Bottle
  • Sleek and durable design
  • Leak Proof caps
  • Best balance between toxin-free construction and durability
  • Easy Pouring



CYMA Sports Stainless steel Bottle is made with two lids which is a leak-free airtight, top for maximum thermal retention, and to retain the temperature of your warm and cool beverages. This water bottle made of stainless steel that eliminates the transfer of flavor from one beverage to another. The Taste of any drink will not change. It has been designed with the technology that enables Keep liquids cold for a long duration it is one of the useful techniques in segregating fatty acids, vitamins, oils, insecticides, and helps to enhances temperature retention. You can carry this bottle everywhere with you. It may be a garden, gym, office, Sports club, beach, or anywhere where you want your perfect hygiene partner. Why use plastic bottles and other disposable and harmful materials when our food-grade Stainless-steel CYMA bottle design will last you longer? Forget the past and Enter into new CYMA World and move forward with us! You can say CYMA Bottle is dealing with the most advanced technology available to the world which you can order to provide hydration bottles that are both durable and safe.


Additional Features

  • Durable: Long-lasting, stainless-steel, 18/8 Food -Grade Stainless Steel, quality materials: 100 % rust-free, food-grade, hygienic, 100 % BPA-free, non-toxic, non-leaching
  • Durability – 12hrs
  • Category- CYMA sports water bottle 750ml
  • Care Instructions: Wash thoroughly before every use -Do not use detergents- Do not Microwave-Safe to use in Dishwasher







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strong and highly durable.
easy to wash and fill
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