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Hot Water Bottle
Hot Water Bottle Black
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hot water bottle
Hot Water Bottle Orange
Hot Water Bottle Black
Hot Water Bottle
Hot Water Bottle Orange

Hot Water Bottle : Thirst Quencher Hot Water Bottle For Warm Water

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Hot water Bottle – Hot for 18 hrs – Cool For 24 hrs

Hot water bottle Double-walled Vacuum Insulated Stainless-steel – Thermos steel for cold and hot water – 900ml – available in Black and Orange Color.

Thirst quencher Hot water Bottle made with Double-walled Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel. Special features regarding bottle – Bottle with two lids are the leak-free airtight, most ideal product for top maximum thermal retention. The best part is the taste of the drink will not change. A vacuum flask insulated bottle has a stainless steel inner coating, eliminating the transfer of flavor from one beverage to another. This Thermos steel bottle is designed with vacuum technology that keeps liquids warm for a long duration. It is one of the techniques in segregating fatty acids, vitamins, oils, insecticides, and enhancing temperature retention. 

 Informative Features of Hot water Bottle:

  • Premium material Design: Our bottle comprises superior and export quality (18/8) food-grade and BPA free, also rust-resistant.
  • Superior Hydration Level: This stainless steel water bottle is designed to hold 900 ml of water, tea, coffee, or other beverage that you want to pour. It is designed with multipurpose use so that you can on hiking, climbing also, you can take this to Gym, office, college even though it is too lightweight so that everyone can take it with them.
  • Nutritive Taste: Coating of the bottle is copper stainless steel, no chemicals nor materialistic tastes you. It will give you the purest flavor of your beverage. The taste and nutritional value of the drink remain intact. 
  • The best Cure for lukewarm water: Most of the time, your cold water or beverages get hot, and hot water or drinks get cold. Don’t rely on such types of a plastic water bottle that doesn’t fix any problem. Our thermos flask stainless steel bottle has double-walled vacuum insulation technology that ensures your cold water remains cold for 24 hrs and Hot water stays hot for more than 18 hrs.
  • No more wet hands. The best water bottle provides powder-coated matte finishing, which never sweats and prevents the slippery outer surface.
  • Durability: It does have a long-lasting life. It’s not like other metals that may break during the use. Our double-walled insulated bottle is Unbreakable. 

The best hygiene medical remedy suggested for preventing ourselves from any situation. The treatment is that we need to keep our throat as much as we can because warm water is essential for the throat. as winter is also coming. We need to make sure that we are taking good care of ourselves. 

There is a high chance of getting infected in this situation; once the lung will get infected, it would be challenging to get rid of it. We can not stop our daily work, we can not deny for outings. We all do have work which has to be done compulsorily. Why get into trouble while we do have a perfect solution for it. As we all know, hot water kills germs or Virus instantly as they enter into the throat. For that, you need to keep warm and Hydrated your throat for the entire day. Who will become your companion in this situation? The answer is our Hot water bottle. You can consume Hot water from Our bottle. We are giving you the best solution for that so you can drink hot water by 24hrs. You don’t need to waste your time at all. You need to pour hot or warm water in our Thermos flask water bottle, and you can take this advantage as much as long you want to take.


 Speciality Of product 

  • Stainless steel Bottle
  • Double- walled vacuum insulation
  • Food grade
  • BPA free
  • Unbreakable.  
  • Lightweight
  • Our double insulated water bottle
  • Leak-free
  • Airtight





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