Fly Feather 3 in 1 Combo of Clever Cutter + Peeler With Cutter + Potato Masher


Vegetable Food Masher: A potato pea smasher allows you to crush soft food to be lighter, with no lumps texture than other mashing methods.

Cutter With speed peeler: Must Kitchen tool in every home kitchen vegetable speed peeler with salad cutter has built-in sharp stainless steel blades. Using this vegetable cutter and salad cutter we can do 2 things: Cutting and peeling vegetables and fruits. Vegetables are made quickly by using this and our work in the kitchen also becomes very easy it.

Clever Cutter: Innovative kitchen tool knife, scissor, or cutters are essential for everyday use cut anything easily and safely with an easy smart cutter.

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  • Designed for Longevity:

This best vegetable masher is constructed of stainless steel that makes it durable and ensures that it last for a long time, even with regular use. Highly heat resistant, suitable for use with non-stick cookware. This vegetable masher won’t hurt you while mashing, and its sanitation proof.

  • Firm grip:

The vegetable masher comes with rigid wooden handles that make the job easy to mash large batches of vegetables. The handle is insulated, which prevents your hands from scalding while mashing hot vegetables. Easy on your wrist and palm while smashing with this multiuse vegetable masher tool.

  • Easy storage:

 This Vegetable masher comes with a hole at one of its ends. This hole on the handle of the food masher makes it easy to hang.

  • Multiple Application:

Apart from potatoes, you can also use this tool to mash other boiled vegetables such as carrot, Peas, and cauliflower to experiment with different dishes. In large gatherings or ceremonies is a good helper in the kitchen.

  • Corrosion-free:

Being made of stainless steel, this vegetable masher is corrosion resistant. The food masher makes good mash without any lumps. Seamless and hygienic round mesh hand dishwasher safe.


  • Effortless Cutting:

Sharp stainless steel blade makes cutting slicing chopping a lot easier the knife blade is made with German stainless steel, ABS handle. The extra-wide mouth makes cutting hard vegetables and fruits like Tomatoes, corn, steak, carrot, meat, and leafy veggie salad maker in seconds. No more tears while cutting an onion. The rough and tough handle can minimize the tension on your hands, providing a comfy grip giving great precision while cutting or slicing.

  • Multifunctional:

Another additional feature about this smart cutter is a bottle opener or soda opener.3 in 1 elegant blade can be used as a regular knife with utmost safety for your convenience prevents accidental cuts. Efficiency and effectiveness is the key feature of the clever cutter. Technologically innovative enables faster Cutting. The only tool can replace blunt knives enjoy precise Cutting and chopping in a minute.

  • Small and compact size design:

Allow you to store in your kitchen drawer. The stylish design of this cutter enhances the look of your kitchen—built-in lock button for safety. You can carry with you when out for a picnic or any cookery event no more cuts on fingers or burning sensation this clever cutter takes care of it. It is best for those who get less time cooking and don’t like Cutting veggie specially designed for effortless Cutting.

  • Easy Cleanup no more mess:

Cleaning after cutting is easy, yet dishwasher safe mild detergent cleans it straightway keep it dry and safe. Please avoid direct hand touch.


  • Twin Edge

Peel to perfection with our new 2 in 1 peeler; allow us to cut and peel with a single tool. When a strong grip and durable plastic, this peeler will keep on fulfilling its purpose. Peeler is handy and comfy on hands. The bonus multifunction cutter with peeler makes it easy to cut vegetables and peeling of fruits and various purposes.

  • Commercial and a home kitchen tool

Efficient peeling bulk quantities, these peelers are for both homemaker and professional chefs. They are also conveniently compact super easy to clean. Compact Design Allows Easy Storage, require a small compact area.

  • Dishwasher clean-up

Dishwasher safe, the peeler prevents it from rusting corrosion if washed by hand. Constructed with high-quality material durably build up.

  • Steel Quality

All blades are made of stainless steel. Our steel is 100% recycled. Equipped with super sharp stainless steel blades and a good grade reinforced plastic body design, heavily durable and long-lasting life.

  • Easy & Fast: –

The design of this vegetable cutter and salad cutter is very simple and easy to use and these tools are very fast           for cutting and peeling vegetables and fruits.


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