Thirst Quencher Imported BPA-Free Sports Water Bottle (680ml)

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Silicone Foldable Water bottle is One of the unique Bottle. This Collapsible Silicone water bottle is a Foldable water bottle. It means it is collapsible enough.

This water bottle is Foldable so that you can starch it bend it and squeeze it. You can Fold this water bottle and keep into your small bags even—no worries for leaking when the Bottle is moving up and down in the bag.

Silicone water bottle gives the starchy and sports bottle look, which will add more style to your Bottle.




A Collapsible silicone water bottle is made with superior quality material and High-level food-grade material. You can’t even assume that It is 100% food-grade silicone passes by the FDA. This is the only feature that gives such qualities to Bottles such as Durability, Flexibility, and Portability. So that Bottle can be folded enough and maintain.

This Starchy Look Sports water Bottle is Ultra-Lightweight so that every age of group people can use it. Even kids also can use this Bottle. For kids, it maybe becomes a toy to play in the school so that you can recognize this Bottle as a Kids water Bottle also.

The Bottle has even more unique features like It is Leak- proof and Airtight. No hesitation, No tension at all. You can carry this Bottle everywhere you want. You can take this Bottle to Your Office, College, School, Picnic. Even though It will be your best partner if you are doing hiking, climbing. No worries for Breaking, Leaking, Squeezing.

This Silicone water Bottle is Perfect for Work, Gym, Running, Cycling, Biking. Noticeable features of these bottles are Lightweight, Squeezable, Compact, Collapsible, and portable.

BPA-Free Sports Water Bottle (680ml) Features & Specification

The Bottle has not this type of limited feature. Even it consists the parts like Rust-free, Leak-proof, Long- Lasting and Unbreakable

The starchy water bottle has a very dashing sports look. Everyone is concerned about Water. Some bottles can’t carry the extra collective features. Sometimes the smell of the Bottle’s material came from a water bottle. But In this case, you don’t need to take tension about this type of worry. Our Silicone water bottle has the quality to keep Water intact so that your taste of the Water will not change at all. The taste of any beverage remains intact means; the taste will not change. Even Bottle’s material is so soft that It won’t harm you.

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