Fly Feather Combo of Thirst Quencher Hot Water Bottle With Silicone Foldable Water Bottle

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Thirst Quencher presents you with the combo of a hot water bottle and a silicone foldable water bottle. This is the best combo ever for the present situation. Here hot water bottle made with stainless steel material and thermo flask and foldable water bottle manufacture with grate silicone material.

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This hot water bottle is designed with Double-wall vacuum Insulated technology for preventing an outside temperature to inside beverages. This technology helps you to store your hot or cold beverages and it’s maintaining temperature for a long time. This hot water bottle has two different airtight leads for easy pouring beverages in the bottle. This thirst quencher hot water bottle is made of stainless steel material.

This hot water bottle is perfect for all ages like teenagers can carry it to colleges, tuition, trips where youngsters can carry it to the office, park, and hospital. Old age people can carry it in the park for hot and cold water for a long time.


  • Double-wall vacuum Insulated technology
  • Two different airtight leads
  • Stainless steel Body
  • Sleek and durable design
  • Leak Proof caps
  • toxin-free beverages
  • Easy Pouring

Double-wall vacuum Insulated technology helps to make bottles stronger and maintain the temperature of your beverages. Two different airtight leads help you while pouring warm drinks. The stainless steel body is hard enough to handle maximum pressure with the help of a steel body it can make a strong water bottle that is leak-proof also easy to carry.


This is a lightweight foldable water bottle specially made for Tracking, Cycling, Playing, and more activity where you need water or stay hydrated. This is an anti-leakage bottle made with grate silicone material; this is a high-quality silicone material that helps your beverages to maintain temperature for long hours.

This is a foldable water bottle that you can store in a small bag when water is empty. It takes less storage in the bag. So it is easy to keep with you while it is full or empty. It is one of the stylish collections in your journey. This is very famous among people who are habituated to traveling in the forest & visit places where finding water is very difficult.

So they have to take fewer resources with them also need to check that they can carry it after empty for the next source of water for pouring water in the bottle. That’s why this is more famous among mountain hunters for traveling a long time and explores new places.

This is best for colleges and school kids because they are not taken care of bottles and play with it and break it very often. So it is foldable and easily non-breakable material makes it perfect for them. This bottle is made with FDA pass silicon, so no worry about bottle material.


  • Soft & Durable Water Bottle
  • Ultra-Light Weight
  • Leak-Proof
  • Keeps Original Liquid Flavors
  • Stylish &premium Look

It is a very soft& durable water bottle to carry with you anywhere in a garden or college, because of ultra light-weight. It is easily fit in to beg and it is best in leak-proof products made till now. The aim of the bottle is to maintain the flavors also the temperature of the beverage. These water bottles are very useful in your adventures, in school usage, office work, and other workplaces. This bottle gives you premium look while it is with you. When you find this bottle at affordable prices so why buy chip plastic bottles.


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