Fly Feather – Stainless Steel Puri Press/Poori Making Machine/Papad Maker Machine

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Create authentic chapattis quickly easily right in your kitchen no get your chapatti puri perfectly round in shape with this stainless steel puri chapatti press machine. This is ideally designed to save your time in the kitchen.

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Especially for working women, this is the best useful kitchen tool for them even hostel students they can carry this compact size roti maker with them which will save their cooking time and energy. Best for mandir and sewa place where 1000 of roti or poori are being made this will save a lot of time and get perfect shape round rotis this will be a very helpful tool handmade papad making machine.

Multiple-use in hotels, restaurants, hostels where a single hand is in use can make 100 chapattis within minutes. Handy and compact easy to use. The chapatti maker is safe having a shockproof resistant body and heat resistant handles. This makes sure that you can use the rotis-chapattis maker to make as many roti’s or puri for you and your family at a single go. Chapatti or poori maker is highly efficient both in terms of time and energy usage.

Delicious rotis / poori/chakras can now reach your healthy food plate every time with our chapatti puri make. Rotis / chapattis that are light in weight. Fluffy, quick, and just like the ones you see on making professional chef making, reminding you of your Homemade chapatti. Anything you want round shape in bread this will definitely be very useful be it papadpizza base, poori.

Easy to clean dishwasher safe.Can use a wet cotton cloth and just hand wash it.

How to use it?  Roti maker is handy and easy to understand the usage. Prepare the dough it should be moist and soft. Keep the ball in center and press twice or thrice for an even round shape. All you have to do is to flatten the dough ball, putt dry atta, place the dough ball gently inside, close the upper plate, and press down the lever. Repeat the process make as many you want with fun.


  • Portable automatic chapatti, Roti machine
  • Lightweight- efficiency –convenient-fast hygienic
  • Constructed with stainless steel highly durable
  • Saves time and energy increase in speed ten folds
  • Non-Stick coated sturdy and durable
  • Temperature Control shockproof resistant.
  • Multipurpose chapattis, poori, chakra, kulchas, papads, etc.


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