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Here we present our most selling product: the “FLY FEATHER SMART CANDY BOX AND SWEET BOX. “  Are you looking for a gift for your friends and family? Then the smart candy box and sweet box will be the best for it. This candy box is with great feature of  phone stand for home.


Smart Candy Box

Here we represent our most selling product: the “FLY FEATHER SMART CANDY BOX AND SWEET BOX. “  Are you looking for a gift for your friends and family? Then the smart candy box and sweet box will be the best for it. The elegant multipurpose storage box is the best tool that is mostly used in the kitchen. It is easy to clean and maintain a dishwasher because of its material. Fly feather smart candy box and sweet box. is a multipurpose dining stand you can use in the kitchen, traveling time, and using phone stand features.

The comfort feature is the phone stand at the top. Watch your favorite series enjoying snacks, candies.

A unique Flower petal shape serving tray trendy dry fruit story enhances your tea table and living room more beautiful. Candy box Storage container contains the five-grid partition you can use to store five kinds of snacks, biscuits, and dry fruits. It can be used as a mouth freshener, wedding gifts, or upcoming Diwali occasion.

Festive auspicious season, let your gift packaging speak to add glamour to your goodies through this Rotating candy container.

A flower shape Rotating Candy Box with Phone Stand. A Multifunction candy box comes with a phone stand for home at the top of the bowl. This feature makes this candy container more interesting.

Features Of 5 Compartment multipurpose storage box

  • one piece candy dry fruit box with five sections which can hold five different dry fruits, wafers, candies.
  • Rotary Twist clockwise-anticlockwise locking system gently twists in a clockwise direction will open the box and vice-versa.
  • Portable strong and steady unbreakable body easy to clean and maintain, rust-free, Dishwasher safe
  • Easy on pockets candy storage box can be the best gift for house warming occasion, Diwali gift, the Opening ceremony for your loved and dear ones.
  • 100% food-grade BPA free virgin material non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Premium Quality Smart Candy box


Our product is made with ABS material. ABS plastic is a very well Product for use because it is made with substantial impacts that increase items’ quality. ABS Product specifications that 27×9.5CM. Petal-shaped Nut Sundry Snacks Plastic Storage Box along with this sweet box. A smart candy box is safe to store food items because of its high-quality material. Food items can be candy, nuts, dry fruits, and snacks. It is designed with a unique mechanism. Whenever you rotate the smart candy box’s upper flower, all the sections of the sweet box will get open and close very merely. And also phone stand for home features allows you to watch movie and web series during our snacks time.

The benefits of the multipurpose storage box

  • 5 Compartments Flower Candy Box:-

This candy box provides different five compartments so you can store multiple foods like dry fruits, chocolates, candy, and nuts in a sweet box.

  •  Rotating:-

It is easy to rotate, so everyone can easily take their favorite food item from a candy box.

  •  Storage:-

You can keep the item in it for a long time because it is made with good material.

  •  Mobile Phone Stand:-

The candy box is designed with a mobile phone stand for home features, so it is used as you can use it in the kitchen and your sitting room.

  •  Low cost:-

People can easily buy this product from our website because we provide affordable prices with high-quality candy boxes.

Get Your Sweet Candy Box at your doorstep 

Considering the current situation of the coronavirus, it is essential to eat healthy food. We offer smart candy boxes to preserve your healthy food like dry fruits, nuts, and many other healthy foods. If the world is moving towards the digital world, then why not buy online? So take care of yourself and buy online, and get your ordered product safely at home. The phone stand for home is a great feature of this candy box.


1. Is this item easy to use?

:- This item is effortless to use. You have to rotate the upper part of the candy box.

2. We can store candy for any other food item for a long time?

:-Yes, ABP PLASTIC traps air from outside so that your food quality is maintained for a long time.

3. Is a candy box waterproof?

:-Yes, the candy box is 100% waterproof.

4 Are any other colors available for this candy box?

:-Yes, available.

5  Is any different size of the candy box available or not?



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