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This multi-purpose Fly-Feather power bank is designed to keep in mind every age of the group. Students and youngers can use this power bank while going to school-college, You can also use it while traveling too.



Power Bank

Sometimes our work cannot be completed due to the phone’s low battery. Has this ever happened to you? ShoppingWithdealsis come up with a new device, “Fly-Feather Powerbank,” that you no longer have to worry about the phone’s battery. This power bank is the best power bank for smartphones as it has a capacity of 20,000 MHA.

This Fly-Feather power bank has a 20000MAH battery capacity and should help you charge your device several times. Fly-Feather power bank contains three output ports you can charge at three mobile devices and tablets when there is no socket. This power bank is made with high-quality ABS material, which is enough to make the power bank durable. This Powerbank is Rechargeable, Which is fully charged in a short time, and you can use it for the whole day. Powerbank is Designed so that you can keep it in your pocket and carry it anywhere you want. this is the best power bank for smartphones.


  • ABS Material:

This power bank is made with high-quality ABS plastic material that makes power bank durable and long-lasting use.


  • Free-size power bank

This power bank is Free-size, which means you can carry it anywhere with you.

  • Chargeable Powerbank

“Fly-Feather power bank” is chargeable; you can charge your power bank and use it to charge your device for a whole day.

  • 20000 MAH Battery Capacity

Compare to any other battery capacity; In a 20000 MAH battery, you can charge your phone many times.

  • Lithium-ION Battery Type

The lithium-ION battery is a type for recharge battery, and it’sits mostly used in power banks, Which helps your phone’s battery lasts for a very long time.

  • Micro-USB connector

There is a 3 Output USB portal in Fly-Feather power bank, which means you can charge three mobile phones and tablets at a time.


Fly-Feather Powerbank is easy to carry with you everywhere, and their 20000 MAH battery capacity allows you to charge your devices many times. Fly Feather power bank is rechargeable, which will help you for the whole day.


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