Fly Feather – Plastic 4 Compartment Sprout Maker, White Sprout Box

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Keeping yourself healthy in this pandemic is the utmost priority now. Get this useful 4 compartments organic sprout make now you can easily make sprouts at home with this sprout box.

Enjoy highly nutritious sprout. The section allows you to put different type pulses in compartments can have multiple sprouted food that is high in nutritive value. It doesn’t require an additional supply of electricity to sprout the seeds. Sprout maker uses the traditional method to grow the pulses which are healthy for our body no added preservatives. Make your diet healthy easily at home with this sprout making container. Make an addition to your kitchen with such an essential tool.

How to use it?

Soak the beans for about 8 hours put pulses in the compartment make sure you keep the lowest compartment empty fill-up the compartment with water it should not exceed the level of the knob. This sprout box has 4 layers each one of it has a hole covered by a knob by which water slowly seeps into the compartments just below that. The process will take a time of 18 to 22hrs. Replace the water in between this will make sprouting faster. The airtight lid makes sure there is no leakage or spill outside. Clear the knobs with a needle after use check whether or not it is blocked with plastic residual.

Key features

  • This sprout box is made with Odorless high-quality food-grade plastic assures you durability.
  • Traditional method Hygienic and safe in use.
  • Unbreakable color transparent
  • Easy to clean and wash. Freezer safe.


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