Mac Professional Liquid Foundation & Face Foundation Cream 120 ml

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Here, Mac Professional Liquid & Face Foundation Cream is available in 120 ml. This foundation’s Brand is MAC. The foundation’s Material is liquid base matte. The shade of this foundation is classic ivory.



Mac Professional Liquid Foundation & Face Foundation Cream 120 ml

Cosmetics products items have been in use for thousands of years. Cosmetics are a separate category of health and beauty products used for facial and body care. Also, used to change the appearance of the person. Cosmetic Product items are the best friends of ladies. There is no woman who does not have any cosmetic products. There are many items that are available in beauty products. The Beauty products like Foundation, Eyeliner, Makeup-kit, Liquid Lipstick, Body Lotion, Kajal, Beauty Cream, Face Cream, Eye Shadows, Cosmetic Brush Set, etc.

MAC’s innovative water-gel serum foundation smooths the appearance of your skin. While it is maintaining its coverage and comfort all day long. It’s great for regular use as it’s quite lightweight. It looked just as fresh even after a long 12-hour day. It gives your skin a beautiful, natural finish.

Foundation is a cream, liquid, or powder product applied to the entirety of the face to create a smooth. And it is based on the user’s skin tone. Foundation provides a generally lower amount of coverage.  Then a concealer and is sold in formulations that can provide sheer, matte, dewy, or full coverage to the skin.

Foundation is a liquid powder makeup that is applied to the face. It gives a very good look to your face. With the use of foundation, you can make your skin the same color as well as your complexion brighter. Some foundations are work as a moisturizer, sunscreen, astringent or base layer for more complex cosmetics.


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