Fly Feather Unique & Premium Denim Blue Print Dial Leather Strap Analogue Wrist Watch


Now a day’s watch becomes a style accessory for everyone. The watches show preferences of style and character of any person. A watch is a small and portable timekeeping device with a stylish look. The Fly Feather watches are known as quality material and leather straps with an attractive look. These watches are suites for all outfits on all occasions. When we come upon men’s watches, the Fly Feather brand has a massive collection of watches for boys and men.



Fly Feather Unique & Premium Denim Blue Print Dial Wrist Watch

Here we are come up with the denim blueprint dial watch for boys and men that is one of that brand’s collections. This watch has an attractive look and a stainless steel case body. Also, the leather strap has prevented skin irritation to hands and protects from scratches.

The characteristics of Denim Blue Print Dial Leather Strap Watch:

  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Black And Blue Printed Dial
  • Easy Rotatable Crown
  • Blue Leather Strap
  • Water-Resistant & Scratch-Resistant
  • Minute Marker
  • White Hands

Stainless steel case:

The important thing about any watch is its case body material. This watch case is made of stainless steel material that prevents corrosion and sweater to damage watch and gives a corrosion-resistant case for last long.

Black and blue printed dial:

The dial is the head of the watch. This blue and black design printed watch hold inner parts of the dial. The dial has a sub-dial print; it looks pretty good.

Easy rotatable crown:

This watch has an easy and smooth rotating crown to set the time quickly. This crown has a rotating 360-degree direction when you want to change or stop the time.

Blue leather strap:

Our watch has a leather strap to make balance with dial and case lugs. The leather material is very comfortable to wear on wrists, and skin-friendly material doesn’t make a scratch on hands.

Water-resistant & scratch-resistant:

The Fly Feather watch has the water-resistant quality to stops water flowing into the dial of the watch. Also, it has a scratch-resistant crystal to see a clear vision of the printed dial and hour markers.

Hour markers:

Hour marker is indicating the accurate time of the day. In this watch, hour markers have a minute number to show the perfect minute time of an hour.

Watch Hands:

The watch hands are moves over the dial and showtime with an hour marker. This watch has white hands like hour hand, minute hand, and second hand to see the correct time.


The Fly Feather is giving different styles and design watches to look attractive on every occasion. This watch has the best material like stainless steel and leather strap watch for safe and comfortable wearing. This Watch has a scratch-resistant crystal with water resistance quality that makes it the best watch for everyone.


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