Fly Feather – Salad Cutter Bowl: Easy Salad Maker, Fruit and vegetable cutter, Salad Chopper Bowl , Salad Slicer & Multi Vegetable Cutter


Multifunction Manual Salad chopper bowl machine for kitchen Super Handy salad maker, vegetable cutter, salad slicer. Slice your salad with style and ease with this cutter bowl a healthy delicious salad in few seconds this home appliances kitchen tool makes life more comfortable and convenient.


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Now make your salad-making skills more effective this handy salad cutter slicer will make washing, straining, cutting, tossing easier than ever so make your fresh healthy salad just less than a minute like a professional precisely cutting.

You can now cut and chop evenly sized fruits and vegetables easily and the faster salad cuter machine bowl and chopper is an absolutely useful souvenir item for the kitchen. No doubts everyone will just love the process the way it works cut fresh veggies and fruits make it less appealing at times. salad chopper is the best item for chopping salad and vegetable.


  • Get your veggies inside the bowl and wash it under run water to clean them. The holes in the bowl allow the water to pass making cleaning effective.
  • Turn it upside down and start sliding your knife between the slots continue the process until you have got what you want.
  • Go from noob to pro in just a few seconds. This salad chopper bowl saves a lot of your time and gets you precise professional cutting in less than a minute.
  • Salad cutter Bowl has two Rotation wings added on both sides of the bowl helps it lift easier. The salad bowl cutter has a sink around the bottom base to avoid leakage onto the counter. keeps it no mess and less hassle.
  • Easy to clean up wash under running water or use mild detergent hand wash.

Multifunctional salad cutter that cuts vegetable, salad veggies precisely and fascinating – and it’s perfect for even people who cannot spend much time on cutting and those are not fine cook. Keep yourself and your family healthy by eating salad using a salad maker to save your precious lifetime.

3 in 1 Salad bowl slicer, chopper, cutter, the strainer is amazing can be used at the home kitchen or restaurants by the chef. It works great!




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