Fly Feather Best Quality Multipurpose 3 | 4 | 5 Layer Wall Mounted Broom and Mop Holder For Kitchen, Garden, and Garage


This is a strong, durable, and best multipurpose broom and mop holder is available here only. This multipurpose broom, mop, and key holder available following three types of broom and mop holder available, first one is in a small size holder that has 3-Layer with 4 hooks, the next one is in a medium size that has 4-Layer with 5 Hooks and the Last holder is in max size that has 5-Layer with 6 hooks. These multipurpose broom and mop holders include the best and strong material that is ABS + PVC + ACRYLIC material. These all types of multipurpose broom and map holders are formed with the same quality material different in the only size. You easily place, multipurpose mop and broom holder in your house, garage, and garden, etc.



Material Of Best Multipurpose Broom & Mop Holder:

       This broom holder is manufacture with strong and durable plastic material. Which helps you to hold heavy things, big things, or little things on the wall very easily. We use the strong plastic material in this broom holder because we are sure that holder is mostly used in kitchens, and you can also put this holder anywhere in home, office, workplace, garage, and also use at schools.

In this broom holder, we put some crooks (hooks) and round shape holder which can carry some small, big and unusable things which are creating a disturbance in your works, in kitchen or garage too.

Broom Holder’s crooks are manufactured with strong and durable plastic material. These crooks are very helpful in the kitchen to carry small kitchenware like a knife, keys, mop, handkerchief, and many more. These crooks are much durable to hold to small kinds of things.

Short Detail About Multipurpose Mop & Broom Holder :

  • Material : ABS + PVC + ACRYLIC
  • made with : high-quality plastic
  • Color: gray
  • Quality : strong & durable
  • waterproof
  • Available in: 3-Layer, 4-Layer, 5-Layer

Strong and Durable Multipurpose Usage Broom Holder helps us Everywhere:

In this broom holder, we put round shaper holders that are covered with a rubber material. This round-shaped holder is made with a strong ABS plastic material with great durability because here most of the heavy things are putting. This broom holder is waterproof so you can put it in your bathroom or garden without any kind of worries.
Here a round shape holder and square holder is cover with high-quality rubber because we know that peoples are putting here heavy as well as long things like long handle brushes and many more. We add one more feature that is these round shape holders are easily movable with high power to hold things. This round shape holder is cover with durable rubber because here putting things for a long time.


This broom holder is suitable in kitchens and offices, bathrooms, garages, workplaces, and schools also. Here you can easily put these things in where a storage area is not available at your place. This broom holder design is very simple and sober ever. Follow Us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for more update about weekly sale, Contact us.

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3 Layer, 4 Layer, 5 Layer


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