Fly Feather – Laundry Washing Ball, Wash Without Detergent (6pcs)


We are here with a “Laundry Washing Ball” using this washing ball; you don’t have to wash clothes by yourself. These washing balls compatible with any washing machine. This Laundry Washing balls contain ceramic pellets that change the water’s Ph balance and Help your clothes to stay new longer. You have to put washing balls with your clothes in the washing machine. When you turn on the washing machine, the washing ball will also move and remove stains from clothes.

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The washing machine has changed the way of old handwashing laundry system, Which washes clothes well and saves huge time over washing. There is no doubt that washing machines wash clothes very well, but sometimes some corners of clothes are not cleaned properly, so we have to remove them with a brush.


  •  Ceramic material:-

This Laundry Washing Ball contains ceramic pellets that help our clothes stay new longer.

  •  ABS material:-

These washing balls have ABS plastic that makes washing ball durable.


  1. Separate the clothes.
  2. Put the ball on the top of the clothes.
  3. Turn on the Washing Machine.
  4. Now you can see that your clothes have been washed nicely.


  •  Fresh and clean:

 Using these balls, you can clean clothes easily and thoroughly. After wash, you can watch clothes clean and fresh.

  •  Designated use:

 This washing ball is compatible with any washing machine. This washing ball is cheaper than detergent and bleach. It is useful for washing all kinds of clothes.

  •  Powerful impact:

 The ball will be used to increase the friction of its powerful impact. The ball is used for more clean laundry, quick-drying, and protection of clothes from damage. So that the clothes look like new.

  •  Save time:

Use this laundry washing ball to wash clothes. So that your time and water can be saved.


“Fly Feather Laundry Washing Ball with 6 pieces” removes stains from clothes and wash your clothes nicely and help your clothes stay new longer. This washing ball is compatible with every washing machine.


  1. Are these washing ball damage clothes and washing machines?

 No, it is not.

      2. Do these washing balls are available more than six pieces in one packet?

 No, because we provide six balls in one packet.

  1. How washing balls are useful?

 Some corners of the clothes are not washed after we were washing clothes in the washing machine. At this time, the washing ball helps you to clean the corners of the clothes properly.


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