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The manual vegetable, Hand fruit juicer, and best vegetable juicer are freaking awesome we make your life super easy. A portable hand juicer good for daily supplements for home juicing is the perfect way to add a wider variety of fruit and vegetable into your diet. If you regularly buy fresh juice from outside, having your manual fruit juicer will save your cost. Without any power supply. This is the best vegetable and fruit juicer in India.


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manual fruit juicer, best vegetable juicer, and hand juicer extractor come with a sturdy base to prevent the juicer from turning or skid base. You can enjoy a healthy and delicious fruit juice freshly prepared at home any-day anytime. This is the best pomegranate juicer in India

It can also be used to grind tomatoes make easy hot tomato soup this winter healthy and delicious. Stuff like orange, pomegranate, bottle gourd, Watermelon, muskmelon. The portable juicer is constructed of ABS material with a stainless steel blade, handy and comfortable to use. Inbuilt sieving system to help separate juice from the chaff, all parts are easily detachable for easy cleaning easy operation. This is the best fruit juicer.

Nothing can be compromised with the natural form of fruits and vegetables. This portable juicer gives you the same quality, and the quantity you want the leftover chaff can be used to make jam makes it unique you can enjoy fresh juice with that you can have bread jam in your breakfast. No wastage cost-effective. This is the best hand juicer for extracting fruit and vegetable juices.


  • The new innovative upgraded for raw juice machine with no electric supply,
  • Modern and manual ABS plastic design for fresh and no added preservatives juice.
  • Detachable fittings wash all parts, which makes clean-up easy and hygienic.
  • Food grade security environmental friendly

Your desire to have a natural drink creates your own healthy and delicious fruit juice without added preservatives, sugar, or sweeteners. Food processing to juicing fruits and vegetables perform multiple food prep tasks with minimal counter space. You can also call this juicer a pomegranate juicer.

Multifunction appliance that helps us get more done. No harm or loss of nutrition from the vegetable or fruits while extracting the juice. This is the best juicer in India.


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