Square Mirror Cube For Kid


Are you looking to give the best gift to give your child? Then this cube is best for it. “Cube” is going popular puzzle day by day just because of their characteristics. This gaming tool is a little challenging invention, which helps you to keep mind sharp and makes you think 360 degrees. Solving Rubik’s cube will generate your eye-hand coordination.


Square Mirror Cube For Kid

Today’s modern parents are thinking in a modern way, Who is aware of their child and wants to make their child well educated as well as intelligent. It is very important to think from 360 degrees to know the factors of any problem to find a solution. If you want to make your child think smartly of everything from an early age, this cube will be the best gift for them. This Fly Feather cube is more smooth compare to other cubes available in the market. rubik’s cube 3×3 mirror improves your concentration in general and ensures that you are able to process your thoughts faster


  • ABS material:

This Cube is made with an ABS material for long-lasting durable purpose.

Features of Cube

  • Smoothly turning:

This cube is designed with such an uniques idea it is smoothly turnable.

  • Helpful in concentration:

This cube is helpful in concentration and problem-solving.

  • Easy to use:

This cube is easy to use and anyone can easily operate.

  • Durable:

This cube durable enough to use and you can carry it everywhere.

  • Scratch-resistance

Fly-feather cube is scratch-resistance, so there are no worries about scratch.


Fly-Feather is an essential gaming invention that helps you in concentration and eye-hand coordination. Ideal for Gifting your child. rubik’s cube 3×3 mirror will help to improve their brain functions. Get a smart Fly-Feather cube at an affordable price.


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