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As we know, Apple is a healthy fruit and the preferable fruit ever. We are here with “ 8 Blades Stainless Steel Apple cutter”. Apple cutter is one of the Kitchen utensils that saves your time. Fly Feather Apple Cutter makes your apple cutting experience much easier. Generally, an apple cutter use for apple cutting; you can also cut other fruits like pears, oranges, etc.

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Using this apple cutter, the process of cutting apples becomes much easier. As you can see in the picture, a large round metal ring is divided into eight sections by a stainless steel blade, which helps you get eight effective slices of apple in a very minimum effort. The Stainless steel blade of the apple cutter cuts the apple within a couple of seconds. The plastic used in Apple Cutter is ABS material, which makes the Apple Slicer durable.


  1. Place cutter apple on the top of the apple.
  2. Push the apple cutter bottom side.
  3. You can get eight slices of an apple.
  4. Eat and Enjoy it.

MATERIAL Of Apple Cutter

  • Stainless steel eight blades:

The eight blades of an apple cutter are made with high-quality stainless steel material, Making the apple cutter corrosion-free.

  • ABS material:

The plastic of a cutter apple is ABS plastic, which makes the apple cutter durable.


  • Easy to Operate:

Apple cutter is easy to use and operates for everyone.

  • Durable:

The high-quality material of an apple cutter makes the apple cutter durable and corrosion-free.

  • Multipurpose use:

This cutter apple is perfect for cutting an apple, pears, and orange.


“Fly Feather eight Blades Stainless Steel Apple cutter” is a kitchen utensil for removing the core, pips from an apple, and cutting the apple. Apple cutter cuts apple within a couple of seconds.


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