Fly Feather – Combo – Stainless Steel Kitchen Refillable Gas lighter, Knife, Peeler and Smooth Grater

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Lighter Combo

Knife- Lighter –Peeler- smooth grater

4 in 1 Combo includes the best kitchen tools. It includes refillable gas lighter, Peeler, Knife, and Grater. 4 most essential tools used in Kitchen in 1 pack only also in the best price.

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This combo is the Best-selling item of Home and kitchen appliances. This Lighter Combo is Considered one of the best kitchen items. If you are looking forward to buying these items in a single purchase, then don’t go with that idea. Purchase our 4 in 1combo, which will be reasonable for you.


If we talk about the 1ST tool Knife- The knife is the perfect tool for cutting and chopping vegetables and fruit. The chopper knife has a Soft and Sensational grip so that you can cut vegetables and fruits very easily and quickly. The knife has a strong thickness to hold, and the edge of the blade is very sharp so that you can cut your veggies and fruits very effortlessly. Gas Lighter Consist of the High-Grade Stainless steel body.

Even your Lighter won’t rust with Environment. It is rust-free. With the one-click, you can flame your stove. We do have Experiment tests for many cycles from our customers also. The standard Lighting system guarantees it very well for Lightning your stove.


Peeler – Garlic Peeler is used in peeling the bark of vegetables and fruits. Mostly potato Peeler is used for Potatoes, but you can use that to peel cucumber, carrot, radish, Mango. It does have a sharp edge for peeling all kinds of vegetables so You can use this Peeler at your convenience. Even Peeler is Strong and Corrosion-free stainless steel.


Grater – Grater is a sturdy, safe, and compact kitchen tool that caters to grating from ginger, cheese, and you can use this for many other vegetables also.

You can use this for chocolates even and from frozen fruits. This smooth grater has a food-grade surface that allows safe and hygienic contact with food. Also perfect for grinding cheddar, garlic, ginger, and lemon zing.


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